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This web site is provided as a tool for fathers who may be battling legal issues and hope that the tools and information you find here to be helpful.

In the 1980's, Janice remarried after 13 years as a single mother of three. Even being a single Mother, she felt that the custody/divorce laws were bias. When she married, she married into a nasty custody dispute over her then husband's two year old son. This lasted over a period of 7-8 years, winning only a few of the battles that were fought. It was during this time that Dads Against The Discriminating System (DADS) was founded by Janice and her husband with the encouragement of their Attorney C. Q. Hernandez in Modesto Calif. He told us that there wouldn't be any changes unless people spoke up and did something about it!

Janice's background as a Licensed Psychiatric Technician working in the Mental Health field, helped her cope with mens crisis' at the DADS meetings. Janice soon was highlighted in newspapers and on radio and television as an advocate for "What's in the best interest of the children". She spoke before the California Assembly, as did others, on newly introduced child support guidelines and showed the unfairness of them. Those guidelines were defeated and new guidelines were enacted. She pushed local courts to remove the word "visitations" from the divorce papers and got the court system to use the term "Custody" which soon spread throughout California as more attorneys and Judges broke away from "traditional" terminology. Janice and her husband divorced after a 10 year marriage and she remains single but still involved in counseling both men and women on custody issues.

Over the years, Janice has written two books dealing with custody issues and parenting issues for fathers. You can find these books located in the links on the left panel of this web site.


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